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Tim Guest Artist


Tim works in a variety of media including, ink, paint, resist techniques, pencils and pen. By exploring colour, texture and space, Tim's' objective in his art is to evoke curiosity and wonderment.

'The world is a curious place and I find inspiration through history, nature, transformation of the mundane and the everyday.'


Tim has studied fine art, spatial design and film. He works as an art tutor, freelance artist/illustrator and has completed commissions for South East Arts, Heritage 100, The Royal Engineers Museum as well as exhibiting throughout the south east including Art Below, The Canterbury Festival and Wall Breakers.


Tim starts a piece spontaneously and the process transforms the images to create a new significance to the work. There is an element of serendipity to the finished result. Rather than presenting a factual reality, a new significance is created to feed the imagination.

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